Evaluative Criteria

The Interview

One of the most crucial parts of Miss Queen Glow is the Judges interview. Towards the final days to end Miss Queen Glow event, the contestants all take part in interviews with the judges, who delve deep into the minds of the hopefuls to see what they are truly made of. An important round, points of the interviews are a way to get a pass to the top 10/15 or 20 on the final night!

Social Work

Social Work on Miss Queen Glow, many of the contestants take part in charity projects & selfless acts within their community. They present to us their projects and the best project we see receives the Beauty with a Purpose Sash, which rewards them with many points towards their final score, to make their way to the top 10/ 15 or 20.


Every year at Miss Queen Glow we will see an amazing variety of raw talent and trained skills from our contestants. This is a perfect plataform to show all your skills in front of our panel of judges from the world of the show business and entertainment.

What the judges are looking for: To put it simply, the ‘Wow’ factor. The judges are looking for a really talented individual whose performance sends shivers down their spine. They must also have great stage presence and confidence, dominating the space around them.


In today’s society, multimedia pervade every aspect of life. The internet age has increased people’s interaction with all forms of media, whilst social media like Twitter and Facebook has democratised information, putting you, the user, in control. Multimedia Challenge will have 2 elements; Social Media, press, tv and National Media. What the judges are looking for: A deep understanding of all forms of media. Style, elegance and the knowledge of what interests people. The ability to interact with a global fan base and gather support for your cause.

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