About Us

What is Miss Queen Glow?
We are an International Beatuty Pageant.

How Do You Enter?
To enter Miss Queen Glow you must apply over email sending your best photos or be the winner of the national title in your home nation. This begins with local and regional heats, culminating in the National final! Once you have won your national title, preparations for Miss Queen Glow can start!

How Do You Win?
To win Miss Queen Glow you must score the highest points, awarded for a range of activities and events which take place from the moment the contestants arrive at the competition. Some challenge events take place in the run up to the final; Social Work, Miss Multimedia, Talent, National Costumes and Judges Interview. These offer the chance for the contestants to shine, giving them the opportunity to win important points to have a spot on the top 10/15 or 20.

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